Synergize® — The Disinfectant Designed with You in Mind

March 22, 2021

The disinfectant of choice for animal protein producers since 1998

Introduced to pork and poultry producers two decades ago, Neogen®’s Synergize® still dominates the North American animal protein disinfectant market. Its proven effectiveness against well-known and emerging threats in animal production environments has enhanced the product’s reputation both domestically and globally.

Synergize is a multi-purpose quaternary ammonium/glutaraldehyde disinfectant specially designed to tackle real-world conditions in animal production environments. Its comprehensive range of applications includes but is not limited to animal production housing facilities, transportation vehicles, fogging applications, and boot baths.

“From the product’s beginning, our mission was to provide peace of mind to our customers who rely heavily on disinfectants as part of their biosecurity programs to protect their animals and businesses,” said Neogen’s Stuart Heller, who introduced Synergize to pork producers. Ease of use, field research, veterinary support, and stringent independent tests have been the priorities for the product from the outset.

“We spent huge amounts of time in the field to understand our customers and what they needed. For example, in 2014, pork producers told us that PEDv was becoming a huge problem. So, we made it our priority to prove that Synergize could be part of the solution, and three months later, we had the test to verify it,” added Heller.

Synergize has been at the forefront of biosecurity research in North America for more than 20 years. It was the first disinfectant to have been proven effective against PRRSv, PEDv, and PCV2 and researched in line with cold-weather disinfection, effectiveness on cool cell pads, and recommended use in supply rooms. Neogen has demonstrated quick action like this time and time again with Synergize, more recently ensuring the product as a solution in the fight against COVID-19.

Neogen continues its commitment to work closely with producers and veterinarians in the field and with universities to trial the product and continuously expand the portfolio of testing to meet the needs of the modern producer. 

“Glut Quat chemistries, like Synergize, provide producers with the best of all worlds — they provide high-powered germicidal activity, are non-corrosive and non-irritating, and are competitively priced,” said Heller. “This unique combination of attributes makes Synergize ideally suited for all phases of farm biosecurity.”


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