New variety of bell pepper introduced to global markets

March 09, 2017

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Lately, consumers may have noticed a peculiar sight in their local produce section. Nestled in between the already colorful selection of bell peppers, a distinct two-colored striped pepper is beginning pique interest in the vegetable world.

Discovered in 2013 by Wilfred van den Berg of Est, The Netherlands, the Enjoya pepper is turning heads with its striped, red and yellow appearance, visible all the way through to the seeds. The unique characteristics of the Enjoya impressed the grower so much that he partnered with producers to bring the remarkable new product to the market.

Originally found in tropic environments, many varieties of bell peppers exist. They start off green and will develop their unique colors as they ripen, depending on the variety. This new variation of striped peppers occurred naturally after almost 30 years of only growing green, red, yellow and orange peppers.

Dutch grower Robert Grootscholte comments, “Initial feedback has been absolutely incredible, everyone loves the look and the flavor of Enjoya. The peppers are so different and, as far as we know, there is nothing else like this available on the market right now so we really have developed a totally new product.

“We have developed Enjoya over several years after discovering this new variety.” By 2016, the growers already had commercial volumes of the multi-colored veggie.

The new pepper doesn’t just look different. On average, Enjoyas are more dense than other peppers, weighing in at around three-quarters of a pound each. Grown between the months of June and August, they offer a refreshingly crisp, sweet, and juicy taste.

Growers are hopeful that this festive pepper will be a great way to encourage picky kids to eat their vegetables. Enjoyas contain more vitamin C than an orange and can be prepared just like any other pepper – chopped up to be munched on, added to salads, sautéed, puréed, and more. Enjoya’s attractive look and delightful taste make it a decorative product that will serve as creative inspiration for any passionate food fan.

Currently, the Enjoya pepper is available at specialized greengrocers throughout the Netherlands, and select international stores. Expect to see more of this tasty pepper as negotiations are currently taking place to supply a range of global markets.

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