Prozap® Coordinated Insect Management

Insects can threaten the health and comfort of animals, cause damage to facilities, and generally be a nuisance. Our complete Prozap® lineup provides extensive solutions to choose from in different actives and application methods for on animal and premise use on the farm, ranch, and home.

To achieve sustained success against flying and crawling insects, a coordinated insect management strategy tailored to your needs is important. Working with your veterinarian, agriculture extension service, or other pest specialists will help you determine the types of products and timing to manage insect pest populations. An insect management strategy saves you time and money protecting your animals and property while helping reduce the potential for insect resistance to active ingredients in insecticides.

Prozap Insecticides for Beef Producers

Managing biting flies and other insect populations in your beef herd is critical to maximizing productivity and profitability. That is why we developed a comprehensive portfolio of proven and cost-effective products under the Prozap brand. Regardless of which nuisance fly, mosquitoes, lice, or tick you are dealing with or what your operation setup entails, we have solutions that will fit your needs.

Insect Control for Beef Cattle

Prozap Insecticides for Dairy Cattle Producers

Flies and other insects cause irritation, decreased production, and can spread mastitis and other costly diseases in dairy cattle. Prozap products meet the demands of today’s dairy professionals, controlling insects on cows, heifers, and calves and providing quick knockdown of flies in parlors and milk rooms.

Insect Control for Dairy Cattle

Prozap Insecticides for the Equine Industry

Protecting your equine partner from troublesome flies and other insects is a priority for horse owners. We offer formulas that offer quick knockdown and lasting protection on your horse and in your stable. Mosquitoes, flies, gnats, and ticks not only irritate your horse and you, but they can also potentially cause disease. Prozap equine fly control solutions provide horses and horse owners relief from pesky insects to provide a more enjoyable time at the barn or in the saddle. Explore the Prozap equine fly control lineup.

Insect Control for Equine