Our Leadership


John Adent

CEO and President

John joined NEOGEN as Chief Executive Officer in 2017, bringing years of experience in both Food and Animal Safety. He’s worked around the world, from the fruit farm in Southwest Michigan from which he hails to Hungary, the Philippines, Spain and China. Prior to joining NEOGEN, he served as CEO of Animal Health International. After the company was acquired by Patterson, John continued as CEO of Patterson Animal Health. He has also held management responsibilities for Ralston Purina Company and its spin-off division, Agribrands. Under his leadership as CEO and President, NEOGEN continues to grow around the world.

Headshot of Steve Quinlan.jpg

Steve Quinlan

Chief Financial Officer

Steve has served as NEOGEN’s Chief Financial Officer since 2011, following nine previous years of CFO experience at Detrex Corporation, and 19 total years there. He’s responsible for our internal and external financial reporting, and manages our corporate accounting, treasury, human resources, IT and investor relations groups. He began his career in 1985 on the audit staff at Price Waterhouse (now PWC).


Doug Jones

Chief Commercial Officer

Doug joined NEOGEN on August 2020 in the newly created position of Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) as a proven leader with an exceptional track record. As CCO, Doug will have responsibility for four major verticals – sales, revenue, e-commerce, as well as brand and marketing communications. Doug joins NEOGEN after nearly five years as president of Patterson Veterinary Supply’s Companion Animal Group. He joined Patterson after spending seven years with Merial North America, where he last served as President of Merial North America.

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Julie Mann

Chief Human Resources Officer

Julie Mann joined Neogen in 2016 as Director of Human Resources and was promoted Senior Director of Human Resources in June 2019. On June 1, 2020, Mann was named Chief Human Resources Officer, with new responsibilities to elevate the importance of people-focused programs and initiatives for Neogen’s more than 1,700 global employees. Prior to joining Neogen, Mann had more than 30 years of experience that focused on all aspects of strategic human resources including talent acquisition, compensation and benefits, employee development and employee relations, at Holland Corporation, Herman Miller, Webasto Thermo & Comfort North America, Bowe Bell & Howell, and others. Mann holds a master’s degree in industrial relations and has earned the highest accreditations in her field, including Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and Certified Compensation Professional (CCP).


Joseph Corbett

Vice President, Animal Safety Sales and Marketing

Joe has been with NEOGEN since 1993 and knows our Animal Safety business inside and out thanks to his years of experience in our sales, operations and marketing groups. In 2014 he took on the position of Vice President of Animal Safety Sales and Operations. Before NEOGEN, Joe worked in sales and operations at Marriott Corporation.


Robert Donofrio, Ph.D

Vice President, Food Safety R&D

Rob came to NEOGEN in 2016, bringing with him years of experience working strategically with academia, industry and regulatory bodies at NSF International. He took on the role of as Vice President of Food Safety R&D in 2018, where his knowledge of multiple disciplines of science aids greatly in our food safety research activities, primarily in the United States and United Kingdom.

Headshot of Shane Fitzwater

Shane Fitzwater

Vice President, Animal Safety Operations

Shane has been with NEOGEN since 2018. As Vice President of Animal Safety Operations, he’s responsible for manufacturing, quality systems, supply chain, shipping and warehousing. His wealth of experience in global supply chain management has been a great asset to NEOGEN, as previously he worked for Ecolab as a director and vice president.

Headshot of Jerome Hagedorn

Jerome Hagedorn

Vice President, Food Safety Operations

In 2018, Jerome came on board as NEOGEN’s Vice President of Food Safety Operations, overseeing the manufacturing, supply chain, shipping, warehousing, production engineering and quality systems of our Food Safety business, headquartered in Lansing, Michigan. When he joined us, Jerome brought years of international management experience of manufacturing and related areas from his time at Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, Bayer Healthcare, Invensys and Siemens Electronic Components.

Headshot of Jason Lilly

Jason Lilly, Ph.D

Vice President, International Business

A NEOGEN team member since 2005, Jason was appointed Vice President of International Business in 2019 after serving for many years as Vice President of Corporate Development, where he led more than 20 acquisitions on a global basis. In his current role, he leads the international NEOGEN teams responsible for global growth and customer success. Previously, he served various roles at NEOGEN.


Terri Morrical

Vice President, Animal Safety

Terri became a part of NEOGEN in 1992 as part of our acquisition of WTT, Incorporated. She has directed most aspects of our Animal Safety operations since then and currently serves as Vice President of Animal Safety. Previously, she worked with Freeze Point Cold Storage Systems and concurrently served in the same capacity for Powercore, Inc. In 1990, she joined WTT as Vice President and CFO, and then became President, the position she held at the time NEOGEN acquired the business.

Headshot of Melissa Herbert.jpg

Marylinn Munson

Vice President, Agrigenomics

Marylinn Munson joined NEOGEN in May 2020 as Vice President of Agrigenomics. Prior to joining NEOGEN, Munson worked in the life science, biotechnology and agriculture industry for more than 20 years, with an additional seven years of experience in clinical and research labs. At Qiagen, she managed an international genomics informatics field team. At Illumina, Munson built and managed an international operations group and a field sales team. At Agilent, she was part of a core strategy team, in addition to her business development and marketing responsibilities. As an individual contributor at Amersham Biosciences, she sold more than 70% of all next generation systems sold in North America. Many of these systems were used as part of the Human Genome Project.

Headshot of Chuck Bird.jpg

Chuck Bird

Senior Director of Product Management and Marketing

Chuck started as a Lab Technician at NEOGEN in 1986, and over the years worked his way towards positions of increasing responsibility, eventually journeying into sales. He served for 16 years as Director of International Sales for Food Safety Diagnostics before taking on the role of Senior Director of Product Management and Marketing in 2018. He provides direction for NEOGEN’s product management and marketing groups, with the goal of enhancing our company’s unity and cohesiveness around the world.

Headshot of John Geisler

John Geisler

Senior Director of Food Safety Sales

In 2018, John joined NEOGEN as Senior Director of Food Safety Sales. Prior to joining NEOGEN, John spent 17 years in positions of increasing responsibility in the healthcare, scientific research, and food and feed safety markets — including sales leadership positions at Thermo Fisher Scientific, bioMerieux, and Burdock Group Consultants.