Introducing Veratox® VIP ELISA Allergen Kits

Introducing Veratox® VIP ELISA Allergen Kits

Can your allergen test stand the heat?

Introducing Veratox VIP, one of the most robust ELISA allergen testing kits on the market. Veratox VIP offers the same ease of use as standard Veratox allergen tests but with significantly enhanced sensitivity, allowing users to detect extremely low levels of target allergens in a wide variety of sample types, including heat-processed and complex samples—all with a 30-minute time-to-result. Best of all, Neogen provides matrix feasibility studies, so you don’t have to do the preliminary work yourself.

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Veratox VIP. Discover the Difference.


Our highly sensitive tests are quantifiable down to 0.15 ppm target protein and have shown no cross-reactivity on a wide variety of food matrices.


Results are ready in 30 minutes as compared to other kits, which can take up to 60 minutes or longer. What could you do with an extra half hour?

Heat-Processed Sample Detection

Veratox VIP is suitable for a wide range of foods, especially for samples that have been highly processed, heat-treated, or otherwise complex matrices.

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An optimized quantitative ELISA that features robust sensitivity and specificity to raw and further-processed foods.

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Recent Initiatives for Allergen Risk Management

Allergen risk management is an important part of any food safety program. Leading allergen researcher Dr. Joseph Baumert recently joined Neogen to discuss the latest on allergen risk management. Watch the webinar below to learn more about risk-based decisions on allergen management and make Veratox VIP a part of your program today.

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