Veratox® VIP ELISA Kits

There’s Satisfaction in Enhanced Allergen Testing

Veratox® VIP is our quantitative allergen ELISA test line, capable of quantifying very low levels of allergenic residues across multiple matrices, including further-processed matrices. These solutions utilize a simple methodology that is aligned with Veratox, facilitating your testing plan and ensuring you have a test that can apply to most products and processes.

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An Allergen Handbook You’ll Want to Save

Created with FARRP, this book covers the basics of food allergens, existing regulations, risk assessment, and incorporating ELISA testing into your process.

Stay Sharp with Our Allergen Brochure

Discover the simple and quick qualitative and quantitative allergen testing solutions we provide.

Learn the Steps of Veratox

Watch the simplicity and accuracy that Veratox food allergen testing offers.

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