University Resources

Supporting Your University Food Science Curriculum

As part of our commitment to excellence in education, Neogen® is pleased to continue and expand the University Program. The program provides complimentary Neogen Petrifilm® Plates, Neogen Clean-Trace® Swabs,  Neogen Sample Bags and Dilution Blanks for use in the classroom. We can provide you with complimentary samples of your choice of products listed below.

  • Petrifilm Aerobic Count Plates (100)
  • Petrifilm Rapid Coliform Count Plates (50)
  • Petrifilm E. coli/Coliform Count Plates (50)
  • Petrifilm Enterobacteriaceae Count Plates (50)
  • Petrifilm Environmental Listeria Plates (50)
  • Petrifilm High-Sensitivity Coliform Count Plates (50)
  • Petrifilm Lactic Acid Bacteria Count Plates
  • Petrifilm Rapid Aerobic Count Plates (50)
  • Petrifilm Rapid E. coli/ Coliform Count Plates
  • Petrifilm Rapid Yeast and Mold Count Plates (50)
  • Petrifilm Staph Express Count Plates (50) and Disks (20)
  • Clean-Trace Surface Protein Plus Swabs (10)
  • Flip-Top Dilution Bottle w/Butterfield's Buffer – 99mL (10)
  • Flip-Top Dilution Bottle w/Peptone Water – 99mL (10)
  • Flip-Top Dilution Bottle w/Peptone Water – 90mL (10)
  • Homogenizer Bags (10)
  • Mini Flip-Top Vial w/Buffered Peptone Water Broth – 9mL (10)
  • Swab-Sampler w/ 1mL Letheen Broth (10)

Supporting technical literature and a full-line instructional video are available to help you demonstrate the use of Petrifilm Plates as part of your food science curriculum.