A New Way of Ordering 3M™ Clean-Trace® Products, for U.S. & Canada Customers

With the integration of the 3M Clean-Trace business, Neogen® has enhanced our position as a provider of cutting-edge healthcare solutions with unmatched dedication to quality and value.

What's Changing

We are enhancing several of our capabilities to better serve you, our healthcare customers. From a new distribution facility to additional manufacturing, our aim is to enhance your experience with Neogen and our products.

Key Dates

Here are a few key dates you'll want to mark on your calendar.

Last Order Date with 3M Healthcare12/31/2023
First Order Date with Neogen01/01/2024


Set Up Neogen as a Supplier

We understand our customers have different processes to set up suppliers. Below are a few resources to assist you. Should you require additional documentation or set up assistance, you can email us at: foodsafety@neogen.com.

  • Neogen's tax info can be found here.
  • 3M product numbers will change as a result of ordering moving to Neogen. 
New SKUOld 3M SKUCatalog NumberItem Name
7000052127100071183LX25LX25 CLEAN-TRACE LUMINOMETER, 1 EA/BX
7000052157100074110UXC100UXC 3M Clean-Trace ATP Surface Test - 10 units/pch,10pch/cs
7000052167100074112H2OH2O Clean-Trace ATP System - 10 units/pouch, 10 pouches/case


These numbers will change over in the months following the 01/01/2024 first order date.

  • Neogen bank info: To complete the supplier set-up process, a separate communication advising Neogen banking details will be sent to your company’s accounts/finance department. For validation of banking information, you can contact our accounts receivable team at 517.827.4282 or by email ar@neogen.com.
  • If you require forms to be completed to setup Neogen as a supplier, email forms to collections@neogen.com.

Placing an Order with Neogen

There are two primary ways you can start ordering from Neogen:

  1. To check if you have an account or to establish an account with Neogen, please contact us here.
  2. Order online through neogen.com:
    • Customers who placed orders in 3M bCom online ordering platform will transition to neogen.com where they can browse our online catalog of 3M and Neogen products and place orders anytime, anywhere.
    • On January 1 2024, preregistered bCom users will receive an email from foodsafety@neogen.com with instructions on how to reset their password, after which they will be able to place an online order. There is no action for 3M bCom customers to take at this time.
    • Already have a Neogen eCommerce account? You can simply login in here.
  3. Order by email or phone through customer service:


Quality Control Data Manager (QCDM)

Neogen will now be responsible for the service, development, and overall management of the Quality Control and Data Manager (QCDM) service for Clean-Trace.  To maintain your access to the QCDM service and data, both 3M and Neogen require that you review and accept Neogen’s QCDM terms of use which are shown below, by 8 pm CST December 15, 2023.

Steps for Accepting Terms:

  1. Login to your QCDM Software where you will see a prompt of this agreement.
  2. Click "Accept" to agree to Neogen’s QCDM terms of use and to continue your access to the QCDM service and data.

If you choose to not accept Neogen’s QCDM terms of use, your QCDM account and access to the QCDM service through 3M will be discontinued on December 15, 2023.

For QCDM assistance or have inquiries regarding accounts, please contact us here.


Yes, you’ll need to set up Neogen as a supplier, select your method of ordering, and set up your systems accordingly. More instructions can be found above. More questions? Contact foodsafety@neogen.com.

No, we will work to ensure orders already entered will ship out with no interruption.

New part numbers for legacy 3M products will be on packaging when the brand transitions, starting in January–March of 2024.

Neogen will be honoring your established pricing direct from 3M/KCI.

As we transition on January 1, you will see a couple of changes to finding your 3M product documentation as elaborated on in this notification letter from the Neogen quality team. Please now turn to the product pages on neogen.com or reference our technical document search page.

Beginning January 1, 2024, you will be able to request service in a variety of ways for your convenience:

  • You may submit a request for instrument service by visiting our Hardware Support page.
  • You may submit a request for software support or download software by visiting our Software Support page.
  • You may contact us at 800.234.5333 and select 7 for technical support and one of our agents will be happy to assist you.
  • The software and equipment support page will move to our Support page.

Note:  Please be aware that service times may be slightly longer than usual as we work through this transition. Reach out to the tech service help desk via TSHelpDesk@neogen.com to inquire where your equipment is in the process.

After January 1, 2024, you can email us at foodsafety@neogen.com or call us at 800.234.5333 to receive updates or report a problem regarding an order. Before then you’ll need to reach out to 3M by contacting 3Msupport.foodsafety.us@mmm.com for U.S. orders or 3Morders.ca@mmm.com for Canadian orders.

Products you know and love, Clean-Trace®, and 3M™ will be transitioning from the 3M brand to the Neogen brand on packaging and product starting in October of 2023 and continuing through March of 2024 further detailed in this letter; this transition will be happening in phases by product family, so you may temporarily receive product that still has the 3M™ branding.

The change of company brand names on the product and packaging will have no effect on their quality or accuracy.

Additionally, brand changes have no effect on the product’s (method’s) recognition, certification, or recognition status from local and global validation schemes and certification bodies.

You can still email us at foodsafety@neogen.com or call us at 800.234.5333 to receive updates or report a problem regarding an order.

You can email us at ar@neogen.com and our accounts receivable staff will guide you in connecting to Neogen within your portal environment.

Continue to order your 3M and Neogen products from your vendor/distributor as you have been. You may want to inquire with them if any information, such as product numbers, you use to order from them will change.