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Our comprehensive line of proven rodenticides effectively addresses rodent problems in any situation, from controlling rodents in residential areas to being a critical component of a biosecurity plan for restaurant and commercial facilities. We strive to manufacture effective industry-leading solutions. The SureKill® line was designed specifically to overcome readily available competing food sources, and a variety of active ingredients offer you confidence and versatility in treatment tactics. No matter what rodent problem you have, we can help eradicate infestations before they become a larger economic and public health problem.

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Convenient for everyday use, SureKill Command is a tried-and-true choice. This formulation contains the active ingredient bromadiolone, a single-feed, second-generation anticoagulant which provides excellent control in less time after consumption. It also has been treated with S-methoprene to protect the bait from infestation by insects.

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Discover a Trusted Everyday Ally

Mold and moisture resistant, SureKill Guardian is ideal for an everyday maintenance bait or rotational bait. The proven first-generation anticoagulant, diphacinone, provides great value for controlling rats, mice, and other non-commensal rodents. Fish flavor and food quality grain mix create an attractive bait for wary rodents and may reduce bait shyness.

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Fight Tough Infestations Quickly

SureKill Assault®, with the acute toxicant bromethalin, offers excellent control when combating large rodent infestations. Effective against anticoagulant-resistant Norway Rats, Roof Rats, and House mice, it helps stop damage caused by target pests, is effective for indoor and outdoor control, and is moisture and weather resistant.

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