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Variety is one of the key factors in implementing a successful control plan for challenging insect infestations. As a pest management professional, some of the insects you deal with daily have proven to be resilient, adaptable, and overall hard to control. A professional and powerful arsenal of tools to assist with inspections and treatments helps set your customers and accounts up for better success and longer-term control. Our insecticides offer the variety and diversity you need for control across services, target pests, and use sites. From bed bugs in a hotel to stored product pests in a warehouse, SureKill® offers different treatment methods, actives, and offerings to help exceed you and your customers' treatment thresholds.

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Our aerosolized insecticides provide options for application methods and use sites, from large food handling establishments to closed voids, cracks, and crevices. Explore our solutions with flushing, total release, and metered spray, like SureKill Flusher, a dry fog aerosol with a patented nonflammable formula that makes it safer around ignition sources.

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Get Quick Control with Dust

Dusts can provide lower-cost applications with low to no odor. Insects can encounter a treatment long after it was carried out because applications remain undisturbed when applied in cracks and wall voids. SureKill Dia-Py Insecticide Dust is a diatomaceous earth dust impregnated with pyrethrin and PBO to provide quick kill to a variety of insects.

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Optimize Your Fogging Concentrates

Our fogging concentrates include synergized pyrethrin insecticides suitable for use indoors. Effective and with three convenient options that allow you to select the optimal formulation for your needs, these liquid concentrates are efficient and fast acting. We also offer a dichlorvos restricted use pesticide for exposed stages of stored products insects.

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Elevate Your Gel Bait Choices

Easy to apply, precise bait placements without the mess and odor, have secured gel baits as an industry standard for ant and roach services. SureKill Ant Gel Bait and SureKill Roach Gel Bait offer exceptional adhesion when treating hard to reach places, helping your bait stay where it's applied while providing around-the-clock control.

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