A Partner to Help Ensure Quality, Compliant, and Accurate Toxicology Testing

With over 30 years of experience, Neogen® has globally provided industry-leading toxicology solutions to support a variety of industries. Whether you work for a government lab, serve the animal sport industry, forensic science industry, food safety industry — or something in between — we have the appropriate, sensitive solutions to be your consistent provider of all your toxicology and chemical contaminant testing needs. Our portfolio includes sensitive ELISA Forensic test kits, ELISA reagents, forensic panels, oral fluid collection kits, racing drug kits for animals, various chemical contaminant assays, and more.

A Mission That Matters

Neogen® is committed to providing life science and toxicology solutions to protect the people and animals that we care about.   

As we develop our solutions, we closely monitor regional and global regulatory requirements to ensure your testing compliance and standards are met. Our quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 certified, highlighting our understanding of the quality and standards you expect. To ensure the successful operation of our solutions, we offer remote training with our LabLive services and our reliable 24/7 global customer support line.

Forensic Toxicology

Our portfolio of highly sensitive test kits and panels keeps up with emerging drug trends and offers consistent accuracy.

Oral Fluid Collection

We offer various easy-to-use oral fluid collection devices and a panel of oral fluid-specific ELISA test kits.

Animal Sport

Our portfolio has over 100 ELISA kits to screen over 300 performance-enhancing and therapeutic drugs and their metabolites.

Chemical Contaminants

Our solutions can run on a variety of matrices. Select products are validated by European Commission directive 2002/657/EC.

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