Course Objectives

To provide supplemental hands-on training to complement the Soleris and BioLumix operating manuals.

Course Design

  • Introduction to technology
  • Instrumentation overview
  • Software system
  • Configuration
  • Screen views and main menu
  • Creating data reports and options
  • Sample operations
  • Sample information-sample status
  • Setting up test parameters
  • Defining sample types-criteria/options
  • Calibration utilities
  • Test procedures and system maintenance
  • Qualification guidelines
  • Analyst on-site training, proficiency testing and certification
  • Perform Installation Qualification and Operational Qualification on system (IQ, OQ)

Upon completion of this course, the participant should be able to successfully and independently perform Soleris or BioLumix assays.

Course Duration 12 hours over 2 days

Additional Information

Prerequisites / Proficiency Level

All NEOGEN microbiological detection systems are designed for use by personnel familiar with appropriate aseptic techniques for the detection, isolation, and confirmation of indicator/spoilage organisms. It is recommended that technicians should have a basic knowledge of microbiology.

Customer will be aware prior to training the types of materials needed but not provided with the testing system. All necessary equipment should be on site at the time of training.

Supporting Material

  • Operating manual
  • PowerPoint training material
  • Soleris or BioLumix software
  • AOAC certifications and or support publications
  • Customer-specific application studies and in-house support data