Seafood Testing

Dedicated to Enhancing Your Seafood Testing

Our seafood testing solutions help the seafood and aquaculture industries maintain compliance with regulatory requirements while addressing needs ranging from marine biotoxins, sulfite, and histamine detection in seafood and shellfish. Our goal is to help your facility confidently test your seafood supplies and seamlessly comply with regulatory agencies, like the FDA.

Our industry-leading testing solutions provide rapid results with minimal training required. Whether you’re looking for a simple qualitative result or a quantitative result, our Alert®, Reveal® 2.0, and Veratox® product lines can easily be incorporated to your seafood testing program.

Your success is our shared success. That’s why we offer unmatched 24/7 global customer support, remote LabLive training for individuals who need to brush up on their testing skills, and Proficiency Testing programs to verify your testing procedures.


Our easy-to-use Alert, Reveal, and Veratox tests offer rapid qualitative or quantitative test results based on your needs.

Marine Biotoxins

Our Reveal 2.0 is available for ASP, DSP, and PSP, offering a simple extraction and procedure and quick qualitative results.


Our Alert for Sulfites test offers a quick one-minute, semi-qualitative result for detecting sulfite residues in shrimp.

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