Sanitation & Hygiene

Maximize Your Sanitation and Hygiene with Expert Solutions

Maintaining effective sanitation and hygiene is critical across industries for keeping your operation running smoothly. Our comprehensive sanitation solutions, from sanitation monitoring and ATP testing to disinfectants and hand hygiene, help enable cleaner, safer environments and support healthy people and animals.

Help prevent the spread of pathogens and diseases with our sanitation and hygiene solutions. Our portfolio offers a wide range of active ingredients that target specific pathogens and a wide pH range for different types of applications. With cleaners and disinfectants specifically designed for use in animal environments, you can verify a sanitary environment for the animals in your care. For dairy producers, our expert dairy hygiene solutions include teat dips and clean-in-place cleaners. Our comprehensive sanitation monitoring systems verify your environment's cleanliness across industries, from food manufacturing to healthcare, to give you increased confidence your sanitation is effective.

Sanitation Monitoring

Our comprehensive sanitation monitoring systems verify your environment's cleanliness.

Surface Cleaners

Our surface cleaners have a wide range of alkaline, neutral, and acidic pH options to support many applications.


Our powerful disinfectants enable your environment to be cleaner and safer, including options designed for use around animals.

Dairy Hygiene

Our dairy hygiene solutions include teat dips, clean-in-place cleaners, hoof washes, and more to protect your cows.

Hand Hygiene

Our effective hand hygiene solutions offer COMPANION™ sanitizers and soaps that are easy and comfortable to use.

Drinking Water Disinfection

Our range of drinking water disinfection treatments ensures your water supply is free from contamination.

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