Sampling Equipment

Your Reliable Supplier for All Sampling Equipment Needs

Neogen® and its partners offer sampling equipment to make DNA collection a snap. With solutions available to cover the full range of animals you breed or care for, we have everything you need. Our sampling equipment is state-of-the-art and offers timely results at a cost-effective rate. 

Tissue sampling units (TSU's) are the most widely used sample type for production animals and support laboratory methods that enable quicker turn-around-times and high-quality results.

We help make sample collection for companion animals easy and non-invasive. Soft bristle swabs are used to collect cells from the cheek inside the mouths of dogs and cats. Hair from the tail switch is often used for DNA testing in horses and can be submitted on a Neogen hair card.

Other acceptable sample types for DNA testing include blood in a tube or on a Neogen card, hair follicles on a Neogen card, and semen. Contact us for specific requirements relating to each species.


We offer fast, clean, and easy DNA collection in a convenient, self-return shipping package. Applicators available too.

Blood cards

Our patented blood sample card is inexpensive and used to collect blood or semen for DNA processing and archiving.


Our cytology swabs are an easy, non-invasive way to collect cheek cells from a dog or cat's mouth for DNA testing.

Hair card

Our patented hair sample card is inexpensive and used for holding hair follicles for DNA processing and archiving.


We can provide custom DNA collection. Please contact the Neogen Genomics team for more information.