Sample Collection

Quality Without Compromise

Better testing begins with better samples — and better samples are obtained when you use better collection tools. With a full line of quality products, Neogen® makes environmental testing and product sampling easy and convenient. The tools and processes you choose when creating a prevention-based monitoring program matter. Subpar solutions can put your customers, reputation and business at risk. Give your program the advantage of sponges, swabs, bags and preparation tools from Neogen for consistent and efficient testing.

Sample and Collection Devices

Neogen sample collection products are designed for simple, effective sampling. The Neogen Environmental Scrub Sampler features wide-spectrum neutralizer for common sanitizers.


Choose from a wide variety of durable and easy-to-open bags for use during transport to testing lab.


Standardize testing results with a wide variety of prepared media, in convenient flip-top vials, pouches or bottles.


At Neogen, our Petrifilm® Plates, the Neogen Molecular Detection System, and allergen testing solutions work to provide consistent, reliable results for your monitoring program.

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