Rodent Control

A Globally Trusted Provider of Effective Rodenticides

Neogen® is a globally recognized and trusted leader in rodenticide formulation development, manufacturing, and packaging. Our comprehensive line of proven rodenticides effectively addresses rodent problems of any size — from eliminating an occasional house mouse to serving as a critical component of an overall biosecurity plan for major agricultural operations. Our goal is to be your single-source provider of all rodenticide needs — no matter which rodent problem you have — so that infestation is eradicated before becoming a larger economic problem.

Our portfolio contains globally trusted solution lines, such as Ramik®, Rodex™, Prozap®, DeciMax®, and SureKill® palatable bait.

We also offer several bait presentations, including blocks, place packs, pellets, nuggets, meal bait, and preloaded bait stations to provide the best solutions for any problem. Our 24/7 global customer support is available if you have any questions regarding solution selection or proper application. Please reach out to a Neogen rep if you need assistance finding the appropriate rodenticide for you.


Ramik comes in many forms and package sizes, can be used indoors or outside, and is especially suited for wet or damp areas.


Havoc combines brodifacoum with a mix of highly attractive bait ingredients and may kill rats and mice in one night’s feeding.


CyKill gives a lethal dose to rodents in one feeding, with the first dead rodents appearing within 2 days. Contains bromethalin.


Rodex is highly effective against rats and mice, and best to use when the risk to non-target animals is of utmost importance.


Prozap’s baits work fast and are formulated with a special blend of processed grains that are very appealing to rodents.


DeciMax contains Bromadiolone — a second-generation anticoagulant highly effective in the control of rats and mice.

Professional Pest with SureKill

Our SureKill® solutions include block and place pack formulations of some of the most trusted active ingredients the industry has come to rely on.