Reagents for Immunoassays

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As an IVD kit manufacturer developing commercial immunoassays or a researcher developing non-commercial kits, you require the most reliable, sensitive reagents available. We've gathered over 30 years of experience developing industry-leading reagents fit for your needs. As your partner, we offer a continuously growing portfolio of colorimetric and chemiluminescent formulas with a wide range of kinetic rates and sensitivity levels, allowing you to select the most appropriate formula for your application. Our popular solutions include K-Blue®, K-Gold®, ABTS, TMB Membrane, Chemiluminescent Ultra, Chemiluminescent AP Select, and more.

Illuminate with K-Blue® ONE

Our new chemiluminescent HRP substrate, K-Blue® Luminescent ONE, is a ready-to-use formula designed to simplify workflow and improve efficiency.

Our substrates offer up to 48 months of shelf life — optimizing your stock capacity and saving you money on costly supplies. In addition, we've developed our formulas to meet and adapt quickly to evolving regulatory environments, so you can rest assured knowing the solutions you need will easily meet regulatory standards.

Our quality management system is ISO 9001 certified, highlighting our understanding of the quality and standards you expect from us. If you have any specific questions about the different substrates we offer, please reach out to our team of experts.

Colorimetric AP Microwell

Our ready-to-use K-Gold liquid formula doesn't require the mixing of additional ingredients or stabilizing agents.

Colorimetric HRP Microwell

Our K-Blue solution line offer multiple sensitivity levels, a long shelf life, and have low background.

Colorimetric HRP Membrane

Our TMB Membrane solution line is optimized for use with western blot, dot blot, and line assays and offers great sensitivity.

Chemiluminescent AP

Easy-to-use, sensitive, and ideal for detecting AP enzymes in a wide range of assay formats, including ELISA and western blot.

Chemiluminescent HRP

Sensitivity ranging from picogram to femtogram, easy-to-use, and ideal for detecting HRP enzymes in various assay formats.

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