Feline SNP Parentage

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Generating a genetic profile for the kitten, queen and all possible toms of a litter can enable comparison of the SNP markers to confirm pedigree relationships. Each animal must have a profile in order to compare between kitten and tom or "trio" of queen, tom and kitten.
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NEOGEN's SNP Parentage test targets over 110 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). These DNA markers are used to create a unique DNA profile or "fingerprint" for the cat. NEOGEN's Feline SNP Parentage test includes markers suggested to the International Society of Animal Genetics (ISAG) for international adoption.

An individual animal will have two copies of each DNA, or alleles, at each marker site; one from their mother and the other from the father. Comparing the profiles of kitten to their mother as well as father enables confirmation that those individuals "qualify" or are "excluded" as a possible parent.

Data Results

Identification profile available for each individual tested.

Tom and/or Queen must be tested to generate a parentage report.

Species Feline
Submission Information Recommended sample type is bristle or cotton tip swabs used to collect cheek cells. Blood samples in EDTA (purple top) tubes are also accepted.
Turnaround Time Approximately 2-3 weeks

Additional Information

This test does not determine breed.