Breed Confidently with Parentage Testing

Parentage DNA testing allows you to accurately track your breeding by verifying the relationships between sires, dams, and offspring and helping you make strategic breeding and retention decisions to reach your growth goals. Our products and labs offer fast and efficient parentage testing across species using panels approved by ISAG and the USDA, so you can breed confidently and trust your pedigree records.

Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) technology genetically fingerprints each animal, guaranteeing you get precise results. As a leader in genomics, we’ve contributed to research supporting SNP-based parentage tests across species and transitioning to SNPs from Short Tandem Repeat (STR)-based technologies. SNP technology supports many of our parentage tests and can also provide additional data and identify targeted health and trait markers. To get those more comprehensive results, you can easily include additional genomic solutions, like getting SeekSire parentage testing with a complete Igenity® profile for commercial cattle producers.


SeekSire™ bovine parentage testing compares DNA markers from bulls or cows to calves to verify breeding records.


Canine SNP and STR parentage tests are available and may need to be ordered through your kennel club.


Equine SNP parentage testing verifies foal, dam, and sire pedigree records for breeders and associations.


Porcine SNP and GGP parentage tests are available to confirm pedigree records for breeders and breed registries and clubs.


Ovine SNP parentage testing confirms pedigrees for herd breeding programs and animal registration programs.