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For decades, Neogen® has been a global developer and provider of traditional and new tech microbiology solutions. Our comprehensive portfolio is sure to meet your needs whether you’re looking for traditional microbial solutions, in-house validation units, filtration testing solutions, pathogen tests, or water microbiology products.

Our experts are ready to train you and your team on our solutions, so you can rest easy knowing procedures are correctly performed and yield accurate results. In addition, we provide certificates upon completion of training to provide you with the documentation needed for audit traceability.

We’re well-known for meeting our customer’s needs with robust, industry-leading solutions from facilities and labs both small and large while providing unmatched assistance with various support options like our Proficiency Testing programs, remote LabLive training, and 24/7 global assistance. Please reach out to a Neogen representative with any questions.

Time-Saving Quality Indicator Quantification

Improve your time-to-result and efficiency of method, when you choose Neogen’s quantitative solution. Neogen Petrifilm® Plates are ready to go, right out of the pack, helping you meet your sustainability goals by reducing water and energy consumption. Internationally recognized with more than 105 third-party validation and certifications, you can confidently count on Petrifilm Plates to make time-sensitive decisions.

Automated Spoilage & Indicator Organism Detection

Using optical technology that combines simple methodology and classic microbiology, Soleris® Next Generation (NG) provides accurate, reproducible detection of various microorganisms via ready-to-use media vials. Compared to traditional methods, Soleris NG offers a quicker time-to-result in as little as 14–18 hours (up to 48 hours for yeast and mold). The Soleris system is validated against USP Methodology for nutraceutical, cosmetic, and cannabis testing. Our Soleris vials have earned multiple AOAC validations and MicroVal certifications covering a variety of food matrices.

Filtration Testing Solutions

We provide filter and media products that can be used to test liquid samples. Our filter monitors and ampouled media products were developed and optimized for testing microbial counts in clear liquids such as soft drinks, rinsates, and water.

Sample Collection Solutions

Better testing begins with better samples — and better samples are obtained when using quality sample collection tools. With an extended line of quality products, Neogen makes product sampling easy and convenient.

Pathogen Testing Solutions

Our robust product offering now includes the innovative Neogen Molecular Detection System. Our simple-to-use solutions provide accuracy and reliability, while our unmatched customer service and microbiology experience ensure that you have the confidence and support needed to monitor and control pathogen presence.

Water Microbiology Solutions

We provide multiple solutions for microbial testing in water samples for beverages, drinking water, and wastewater applications. The Neogen® Culture Media portfolio offers a broad selection of formulations for tube and plate count procedures for standard water test methods. Colitag™ is an easy, rapid, and EPA-approved test for the presence or absence of E. coli and coliforms in drinking water.

Culture Media and Traditional Microbiology Solutions

With over 35 years of experience, Neogen® is committed to manufacturing high quality culture media in a variety of formats and providing technical support to suit your laboratory’s needs. We support laboratories that follow different microbiological reference methods across the globe and a wide range of our Neogen Culture Media portfolio is formulation and performance compliant with internationally recognized standards, including ISO, BAM, MLG, and the Harmonized Pharmacopoeia.

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