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Neogen® offers a complete line of insect control solutions for farm, home, and ranch settings, including solutions for horses and livestock within barns, stables, kennels, and more. Insects can transmit diseases, contaminate stored food and feeds, and cause stress and health concerns in animals. With the trusted and proven products under the brand names of Prozap®, SureKill®, and Catchmaster, we have EPA registered solutions to fit your needs and increase your bottom line. We also offer industry-preferred product lines, such as StandGuard®, Prozap BackRubber and Pour-On, and our equine fly sprays.

Prozap® Insect Control Solutions

Prozap provides farmers, ranchers, and homeowners solutions to control bothersome and potentially costly insects. From protecting your home, barn, and horse to implementing a Coordinated Insect Management Strategy for your livestock, our diverse portfolio provides solutions to meet your needs.

We develop and manufacture safe and effective insect control solutions that help maintain health and maximize the production of animals backed by exceptional customer service through a continuous commitment to quality and development. Whether managing insects as part of your biosecurity measures in production livestock, looking to thwart off the ravages of insects to your equine partner, or protecting your faithful canine partner from fleas, we have high-quality insect control products to meet your needs.

Pest management professionals demand a full line of quality products that are quick and effective in any situation. That’s why Neogen developed the SureKill brand with an extensive line of insect control products. Our SureKill products consist of trusted and proven insecticide formulations to treat flying and crawling pests effectively with ready-to-use liquids, concentrates, aerosols, dry formulation, gels, and metered products available. Whether your application is interior or exterior, our SureKill line has you covered.

Please reach out to our team of experts to find the right solutions with the actives you need.


Prozap's elite line of home, barn, processing facility, and on-animal-use insect aerosols are trusted for quick and effective control of insects.


With various active ingredients, our liquid insect control products are ready-to-use formulations and concentrates.


Our dust and granule products offer homeowners, gardeners, or livestock producers many effective ways to control insects.


Our fly control products are economical and safe to use in areas like restaurants, homes, barns, and more.

Professional Pest with SureKill

Our SureKill® solutions include aerosols, dust, gel baits, liquid concentrates, and foggers, as well as equipment — all proven to get the job done.

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