Igenity Santa Gertrudis is a DNA-verified genetic selection tool designed to benefit the commercial Santa Gertrudis breeder, or commercial producer using Santa Gertrudis bulls or Santa Gertrudis-influenced females. Using the large, reliable SGBI database with more than 30 years of records and 9,000 genotypes, NEOGEN worked with SGBI to develop genetic profiles specific to Santa Gertrudis and Santa Gertrudis-influenced cattle. This profile, which is expressed as an easy-to-understand 1-to-10 values for a variety of economically important traits, can be used by commercial producers to make reliable selection and breeding decisions.
Brand Igenity®
Breeds Supported Santa Gertrudis
Carcass Traits Fat Thickness, Hot Carcass Weight, Marbling (IMF), Ribeye Area, Tenderness
Data Results Igenity Santa Gertrudis Report
Maternal Traits Birth Weight, Milk, Scrotal Circumference
Performance Traits Weaning Weight, Yearling Weight
Profile Detail Routine profiler for 10 growth, performance, and carcass traits, plus parentage. Multi-trait selection can also be summarized using one of the three indexes available.
Result Type Igenity Scores
Species Bovine, Beef
Submission Information Commercial Santa Gertrudis producers may purchase Igenity Santa Gertrudis through Santa Gertrudis Breeders International.