Igenity® Beef

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Igenity Beef includes 16 maternal, performance, and carcass traits plus parentage. With Igenity, you can:

  • Rank and select replacement heifers that meet the goals of your operation.
  • Verify sire parentage for a productive, efficient bull battery.
  • Score commercial bulls.
  • Produce feeder cattle that fit your market.
  • The Igenity Beef dashboard and custom indexes are designed to help cow-calf producers make confident decisions about heifers they retain and develop for their breeding herd.
  • Pair Envigor with Igenity Beef so you can confidently select heifers that maximize future opportunity.
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Additional Testing

Additional testing is available to add in the next step when uploading your submission form.
The first and only genomic profile designed for crossbred commercial cattle, Igenity® Beef utilizes DNA to predict genetic merit in both heifers and steers, providing an additional heifer selection tool to cattle producers. Producers also use Igenity in the production of high-value feeder calves and to score commercial bulls being used as sires. Now powered in partnership with International Genetic Solutions (IGS), Igenity Beef is backed by the world’s largest multi-breed genetic evaluation.
Brand Igenity®
Breeds Supported Angus, Gelbvieh, Hereford, Limousin, Maine-Anjou, Red Angus, Shorthorn, Simmental
Carcass Traits Fat Thickness, Hot Carcass Weight, Marbling (IMF), Ribeye Area, Tenderness
Data Results Igenity Beef Dashboard, Igenity Beef Report
Genetic Conditions BVDV, Coat Color, Horned/Polled (HP)
Performance Traits Average Daily Gain, Residual Feed Intake, Weaning Weight, Yearling Weight
Profile Detail Igenity Beef reports 16 key maternal, performance, and carcass traits as well as 3 indexes and parentage.
Result Type Igenity Scores (1 – 10)
Species Bovine, Beef
Submission Information Animal ID and a Sample Barcode are required information for each sample submitted.
Turnaround Time 3 to 4 weeks

Additional Information

When paired with Envigor, results can be combined into the Igenity Total Cow Index. This index measures a females own heterosis and genetic potential, plus the genetic potential she will pass on to her offspring.”