Igenity® Profiles

Maximize Your Herd’s Potential with Igenity® Profiles

Bring the power of genomic technology to your herd with Igenity® Profiles and get greater insight into their potential to ensure quality and efficiency in your operation. Igenity is an advanced genomic profile portfolio for commercial beef and dairy that helps you make confident selections and breeding decisions for your herd, saving you both time and money. With Igenity Dashboard, an interactive tool for visualizing data, you can simplify interpreting your results and effectively guide management decisions. Our expert genomic solutions provide you insight into your cattle's genetic merit to make the best strategic decisions for your herd and your operation’s long-term growth.

For dairy production, Igenity examines the most valuable traits to eliminate uncertainty in your replacement heifer selection and help you make optimal breeding decisions. It's a cost effective way to track your herd's genetic progress to move your operation in the right direction and predict how young calves will perform in the milking herd for years to come.

For beef production, Igenity can explain the genetic potential for replacement heifers, commercial bulls, and feedlot steers, allowing you to rank cattle based on your operation goals and make strategic decisions. Our expert indexes target a wide range of genetic traits in beef cattle and can also be personalized to fit specific production or market opportunities. Our profiles include maternal traits like birth weight and calving ease, performance traits like residual feed intake and average daily gain, and carcass traits like tenderness and marbling.

Igenity Select

A dairy profile that examines over 50 traits, including content for production, fertility, health, type, and genetic conditions.

Igenity Essential

A dairy profile that examines 15 of the most economically impactful traits for easy selection decisions.

Igenity Merit

A streamlined dairy profile that gives you values for net merit, cheese merit, and fluid merit.

Igenity Basic

A dairy profile that provides easy-to-understand 1–10 scores on 14 key traits and Basic Plus includes parentage testing.

Igenity Beef

A beef profile targeting 17 maternal, performance, and carcass traits to rank cattle for confident herd development.

Igenity Feeder

A beef profile to identify feeder cattle’s genetic potential for carcass traits and days on feed for optimal profitability.