Healthcare Cleaning Verification

Solutions for Your Healthcare Facility

Neogen offers cleaning verification solutions for your sterile-services department that are designed to support your healthcare facility and fit into your reprocessing and cleaning workflows. Inadequately cleaned surfaces, endoscopes, and other devices can be dangerous to patient health and your healthcare facility’s reputation. Learn how Neogen solutions can provide rapid real-time quantitative results and reporting to help identify problem areas and optimize cleaning processes.

Neogen® Clean-Trace® LX25 Luminometer

The Clean-Trace ATP Monitoring System is designed with healthcare professionals in mind. It uses ATP bioluminescence technology to detect contaminants on environmental surfaces and medical devices. The easy-to-use interface displays the reading in Relative Light Units (RLUs) to verify cleaning, and when wi-fi is enabled, can transmit the results to the software—no transcription is required.

Clean-Trace Quality Control Data Manager (QCDM) Software

The QCDM software can help identify areas of concern by tracking results, generating reports, and identify issues and trends. The software seamlessly integrates and visualizes real-time data through a dashboard that displays testing information to make informed decisions.

Clean-Trace® ATP Surface Test

The Clean-Trace ATP Surface Swab is designed to sample surfaces and channels of lumened instruments, like endoscopes, as well as any surface within healthcare facilities after cleaning has taken place.

Clean-Trace® ATP Water Test

The Clean-Trace ATP Water Swab tests samples taken from the distal end and elevator (if applicable) of endoscopes.

Clean-Trace® ATP Water Test Accessory Kit

Clean-Trace ATP Water Test Accessory Kit is used to assist technicians to verify the cleanliness of endoscopes. The kit includes 200 stoppers and 100 connectors that fit most endoscopes.