Genotyping Arrays

Leverage the Advanced DNA Technology for Your Success

Enhance your genomic data and improve your production with our custom designed array technologies. Our extensive array portfolio provides fast, efficient testing to develop targeted predictions and research opportunities. Producers across many species can utilize their genomic data to gain vital information about their operation to enable confident decision making to meet their operational goals.

We offer comprehensive and cost-effective genomic tools to support a wide range of commercial and research applications across species. We have genotyping capabilities, fixed array technology, unrivaled chip design, and our genomics laboratories are ISO 17025 certified. Additionally, we offer service for an entire portfolio of genotyping arrays from Illumina and Thermofisher arrays.

GeneSeek Genomic Profiler

Our industry-leading arrays have been expertly designed for our industry-leading chip-based technologies.

Angus GS

A GGP array specifically designed for the Angus Breed Association and breed registration for purebred Angus cattle.

Illumina Genotyping Arrays

Neogen Genomics is a service provider for Illumina designed genotyping arrays.

Thermofisher (Affymetrix)

Neogen Genomics is a service provider for Thermofisher designed genotyping arrays.