GGP Potato Array

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The GGP Potato array has proven to be an extremely valuable breeding and genetics research tool since the introduction of the first array in 2010. To capture the genetic variation from a broader tetraploid potato germplasm markers were selected for genome coverage (avg 1750 SNPs per Chromosome), consolidates the SNPs that best performed in the previous arrays and provides resolution for QTL discovery in both biparental and GWAS populations. The GGP Potato SNP arrays have been used for mapping populations, GWAS and germplasm diversity studies. The arrays have also been an important fingerprinting tool used for variety identification and Plant Variety Protection. GGP Potato SNP arrays continue to be a useful tool for breeders and geneticists.
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More than 99% of the SNPs mapped to the reference genome less than 1 Mb apart with an average of 1750 SNPs per chromosome and an average distance of 1 SNP per 30 kb.
Brand GeneSeek® Genomic Profiler™
Species Plant, Potato