GGP Indicus

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Recently upgraded to include 50,000 markers, NEOGEN’s GGP indicus is a comprehensive and cost effective genotyping tool geared specifically for Bos indicus influenced cattle.

Upgraded and optimized with the most informative SNP content, the GGP indicus beadchip is an ideal tool for:

  • Genomic enhancement of pedigree based EPDs
  • Enabling identification of genes and SNP that contribute to traits of interest

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Recently upgraded to approximately 50,000 SNPs, GGP indicus features the most important and informative markers for genetic evaluation for Bos indicus breeds of cattle. The product also includes Bos indicus specific SNPs for parentage testing, and causative assays for genetic diseases.
Brand GeneSeek® Genomic Profiler™
Breeds Supported Brahman, Guzera, Gyr, Nelore, Droughtmaster, Santa Gertrudis, and many other primarily Bos indicus breeds.
Data Results GGP indicus provides raw genotype information back to industry partners for use in a formal genetic evaluation. Parentage analysis can be performed by NEOGEN, if desired.
Genetic Conditions Coat Color, Horned/Polled (HP), Myostatin (MYO), Leptin, Tenderness, Pompes, A2 Milk, CMS
Platform Illumina
Species Bovine, Beef, Dairy
Submission Information Beef producers may purchase GGP indicus through one of NEOGEN's partner breed associations or their genetic evaluation provider. If interested in the product for research purposes, please contact NEOGEN directly.