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  • Selection tool for management of Tenderness and Leptin genes in beef cattle
  • Allows producers to breed cattle with increased genetic potential for tender meat
  • Creates unique marketing opportunities and premium meat quality
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Product designed to help commercial producers select cattle with the genetic potential for tender meat. In addition to reporting the status of an animal for the Leptin gene, NEOGEN's Tenderness/Leptin product also reports the marker status at three major locations (Calpain316, Calpain4751, and CAST) in the bovine genome known to have an impact on meat tenderness. To assist in the interpretation of these results, those three markers are then combined into an overall Tenderness Score, rated on a scale of 1 (Tough) to 10 (Tender).
Brand Igenity®
Breeds Supported All breeds supported
Data Results Igenity Beef Dashboard, Igenity Traits and Conditions Report
Species Bovine, Beef
Turnaround Time 3 to 4 weeks

Additional Information

Interpreting results:

  • Calpain315 (CALP316) is reported as CC, CG, or GG. The ‘C’ allele is associated with more tender meat.
  • Calpain4751 (CALP4751) is reported as CC, CT, TT. The ‘C’ allele is associated with more tender meat.
  • CAST is reported as CC, CG, GG. The ‘C’ allele is associated with more tender meat.
  • Leptin is reported as TT, CT, CC. Associated with fat-metabolism and fat deposition, leaner cattle carry the ‘C’ allele while more marbled cattle carry the ‘T’ allele.