Horned/Polled (HP)

Item No.  230

  • Selection tool for horned/polled status in cattle
  • Allows producers to breed cattle with the ideal HP status
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The polled allele causes animals to have an absence of horns and and also may have a narrower skull. While polled is a dominant trait, animals with two copies of the horned allele will have horns. Results do not reveal the presence or absence of scurs.
Brand Igenity®
Breeds Supported Hereford, Holstein, Murray Grey, Simmental
Data Results Igenity Beef Dashboard, Igenity Traits and Conditions Report
Species Bovine
Turnaround Time 3 to 4 weeks

Additional Information

  • PP - Homozygous Polled
  • HP - Heterozygous Horned/Polled
  • HH - Homozygous Horned