Environmental Monitoring

Maximize Your Environmental Monitoring with Expert Solutions

Maintaining effective sanitation and environmental monitoring is critical across industries for keeping your operation running smoothly. Our comprehensive solutions, from allergen and pathogen testing to ATP testing and environmental monitoring program software, help support healthy people and animals.

Our comprehensive sanitation monitoring systems verify your environment's cleanliness across industries, from food manufacturing to healthcare, to ensure your sanitation is effective. Get rapid results with our allergen and pathogen testing to quickly identify any contamination issues on products or surfaces. Neogen® Analytics brings the power and ease of advanced technology into your data management with a comprehensive software system for food manufacturers, from cloud-based access and automated workflows to reporting analytics and integrating lab devices.

Sanitation Monitoring

Verify your environment's cleanliness with ATP testing in our complete sanitation monitoring systems.

Pathogen Testing

Test for pathogens like Listeria and Salmonella across products, equipment, and surfaces with our comprehensive solutions.

16S Metagenomics

Our metagenomics services can help investigate root causes by understanding the bacterial microbiome in your process.

Allergen Testing

Use our multi-format allergen testing solutions to manage your allergen risks and identify any contamination issues.

Neogen® Analytics

A comprehensive cloud-based environmental monitoring program software designed for food manufacturing plants.

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