DNA Sequencing

Leverage the Latest DNA Technology for Your Success

The future of genomic innovation is here with DNA sequencing technology. Equipped with the latest and most powerful whole genome sequencing technologies, we can supply the most comprehensive genomic solutions and analysis available in the market. The technology allows you to capture genetic variants from a single sample to accelerate discovery and genomic progress for all species.

Leveraging the next generation of sequencing technologies and our industry expertise to provide comprehensive whole genome solutions with an emphasis on quality and quick turnaround time. Our laboratories utilize the Illumina® dual-index 150 base pair-end read chemistries for high-quality base calling. With additional custom services ranging from animals and plants to CLIA-certified human sequencing, we can help you get the information you are looking for. Neogen® can provide skim sequencing with imputation for select species to augment genomic selection strategies currently in place, and InfiniSEEK™, a new technology that combines low-pass, whole genome sequencing and targeted SNP analysis. InfiniSEEK was designed in partnership with Gencove to combine our industry leading genomics services with Gencove's unique and comprehensive sequencing analysis software. Go deeper into genomics and get the data you need with our industry-leading sequencing solutions.

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