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Contract Laboratory Services From Your Food Safety Testing Partner

With over 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing solutions for food safety, we're a partner you can trust when it comes to your testing. Alongside onsite solutions, we also offer comprehensive contract laboratory services with an extensive range of food safety testing options available.

Whether you are looking to subcontract some of your testing, needing some external expertise, needing a contract lab service to carry out your full testing requirements, or are simply looking for a partner to verify your own results, we’re here to help.

Why Choose Neogen®?

Our accredited testing laboratory is based onsite at our premises in Lansing, Michigan. Analysis is carried out using a wide range of qualitative and quantitative techniques depending on the matrices analyzed and sampling methods used. We always use the best methods available for analyzing and verifying our results and in many cases, we use kits we've developed.


Allergen Testing

  • Wide variety of food matrices, CIP rinse waters, and environmental swabs
  • ELISA methods
  • Allergen management for manufacturing facilities


Mycotoxin Testing

  • Comprehensive range of sample matrices analyzed
  • Veratox® competitive CD-ELISA assays
  • HPLC/LCMS testing capabilities


Contract Laboratory Services Brochure

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Sample Analysis Request Form

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LIMS View User Manual

Download the user manual or watch the training video on our online portal designed to help you manage your contract laboratory samples and data.

For more information on our contract laboratory services, please contact us by email at foodsafety@Neogen.com, or by phone at 800.234.5333.