Dairy Residues

Protect Your Milk Supply with Residue Testing

At dairy processing plants, analyzing inbound raw materials for residues quickly and accurately is critical to keep your operation running smoothly. Testing for residues like antibiotics and mycotoxins, and metabolites helps to avoid residue contamination damaging your product by killing the cultures, spreading allergens, and contributing to antibiotic resistance. Our expert testing solutions help you meet evolving regulations and protect your milk supply with tests that are easy to use, accurate, and compliant with established maximum residue levels (MRLs).

Our testing solutions offer both quantitative and qualitative results to meet your operation's needs and help you mitigate financial loss by detecting residues earlier in the production process. We take a total solution approach with a wide range of antibiotics and residue tests, including antibiotics, aflatoxins, alkaline phosphatase, and more. Our solutions are designed to be easy to use with minimal training and meet regional regulations across the globe.


Our comprehensive dairy antibiotics testing solutions ensure milk meets regulatory limits for residual levels.


Our multi-format testing detects residues, including alkaline phosphatase for pasteurization efficacy and aflatoxin M1.