Companion Animal Genetic Traits & Conditions

Improve Your Animals’ Health and Wellbeing with Genomics

DNA testing helps reveal more about our companion animals and their genetics. Understanding how genomics can influence animals can improve their health, welfare, and your ability to care for their unique needs. Using a simple and non-invasive sample, we can analyze their DNA to gain insight into their health predispositions, physical traits, and even complex conditions like behavior and performance. It can help provide better care for each animal and customize their preventative care based on their genetic makeup and potential risk factors. This insight also enables breeders to make informed breeding decisions to produce healthy offspring with the breed’s expected physical standards. In a growing and complex field, you can trust tests backed by our technology and expertise. We've been providing companion animal genomic testing since 2007. Our lab handles more samples than any other animal DNA testing company in the world.

Paw Print Genetics®

Discover a comprehensive selection of nearly 350 breed-specific tests at Paw Print Genetics. With coverage for over 350 dog breeds, we offer one of the largest test portfolios available, providing valuable genetic insights into diseases, risk factors, traits, coat colors, and more. Our reliable diagnostic tests empower breeders, veterinarians, and pet owners to make critical decisions about a dog's health and treatment. We provide breed-specific panels and individual tests to help enable the most accurate and relevant testing for your breed. Our commitment to the highest testing standards and exceptional customer service sets us apart.

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Canine HealthCheck®

Canine HealthCheck is the leading comprehensive genetic screening solution with over 325 analyzed diseases and traits across more than 350 dog breeds. Uncover essential information such as color and trait genotypes, in addition to mutations associated with various diseases. Our comprehensive analysis classifies results into clear, carrier, or at-risk/affected categories, providing a holistic understanding of your dog's genetic health. Developed by a team of expert veterinarians and PhD geneticists, Canine HealthCheck harnesses the latest advancements in genetic technology, ensuring the highest standards of precision and reliability.

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Igenity Canine Wellness

Igenity® Canine Wellness is a DNA test that identifies genetic traits in dogs and gives you information that will help anticipate health issues and offer individualized preventive care, all from a simple cheek swab. It's much more than an ounce of prevention — it's a lifetime of improved health.

Genomics is an important part of a pet's medical history and allows veterinary staff and pet parents to work together to provide the best care possible. Igenity Canine Wellness reveals nutrition insights, cancer risks, predisposition to several hereditary diseases, and genetic influences on dogs' behavior. Identifying certain genetic factors can help you proactively monitor and mitigate risks with improved recommendations:

  • Precautions to take before surgery for dogs at risk for clotting disorders
  • Recommendations for exercise and lifestyle adjustments
  • Suggestions for diet and healthy body weight
  • Conditions to watch for as the pet ages
  • Behavior predispositions to understand for training and lifestyle choices

My CatScan®

My CatScan is the ultimate genetic screen designed exclusively for cats. Regardless of age or breed, every cat can benefit from this comprehensive assessment. Now with 120 diseases, traits, and coat colors covered, it is the most extensive and accurate analysis on the market. This test is easily conducted using a noninvasive cheek swab, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both feline companions and their owners. Whether you prefer to categorize results by breed, organ system, symptoms, or other factors, My CatScan delivers personalized insights tailored to your specific needs.

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