Companion Animal Genetic Traits & Conditions

Improve Your Animals’ Health and Wellbeing with Genomics

DNA testing helps reveal more about our companion animals and their genetics. Understanding how genomics can influence animals can improve their health, welfare, and your ability to care for their unique needs. Using a simple and non-invasive sample, we can analyze their DNA to gain insight into their health predispositions, physical traits, and even complex conditions like behavior and performance. It can help provide better care for each animal and customize their preventative care based on their genetic makeup and potential risk factors. This insight also enables breeders to make informed breeding decisions to produce healthy offspring with the breed’s expected physical standards. In a growing and complex field, you can trust tests backed by our technology and expertise. We've been providing companion animal genomic testing since 2007. Our lab handles more samples than any other animal DNA testing company in the world.

Our newest canine test, Igenity® Canine Wellness, is the only canine genomic wellness test designed specifically for veterinarians and helps individualize their care to each dog’s needs and guide pet parents on the best preventative care, including nutritional needs and behavior guidance. Understanding genomics can help enable the best care possible for our canine companions throughout their lives.

Cat DNA testing can be ordered directly from us through a collaborative effort with the Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc. Together, we offer affordable DNA testing services to all breeders, veterinarians, and pet parents who seek feline DNA testing for outstanding, healthier cats. It provides insight into inherited health conditions and physical traits and can verify pedigree relationships or confirm a cat's identity.

Igenity Canine Wellness

A DNA screening test for dogs that enables veterinarians to identify genetic health and behavior predispositions.

Cat Fanciers Association DNA Test

An affordable DNA testing service for breeders, veterinarians, and pet parents offers insight into cats’ health and traits.