Illumina Infinium iSelect 63K Cat DNA Array

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The Illumina Infinium iSelect 63K Cat DNA Array enables the study of simple and complex traits across many breeds and populations of cats. The product is an ideal choice for genome wide association studies (GWAS), identification of quantitative trait loci (QTL) and comparative genetic studies.
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The Illumina Infinium iSelect 63K Cat DNA Array was developed using ~9.55 million SNPs from three genome sequencing efforts. Selection criteria included: avoiding rare SNPs, SNPs near repeats or within duplication sites, SNPs with more than one allele and SNPs only found in Cinnamon, the Abyssinian cat used for genome sequencing of the cat. Approximately 5,000 SNPs that were identified in the wildcat were also submitted as well as phenotypic SNPs and SNPs that suggested phylogenetic importance in felids.
Assay Sample Size Submit samples in batches of 12
Brand Illumina
Species Feline
Submission Information

DNA requirement is 300-500ng at 20ng/ul concentration.

DNA samples can be shipped in screw-cap tubes or PCR plates. It is best to send DNA dried down at low temp to avoid evaporation or leakage during transport. DNA in suspension should be shipped on dry ice.

Turnaround Time Approximately 3-4 weeks

Additional Information

DNA extraction services available - contact us for details