Illumina Goat 50K BeadChip

Item No.  500

  • Comprehensive and Uniform Coverage: Evenly distributed polymorphic SNPs with a median < 43 kb gap spacing
  • Unrivaled Call Rates and Accuracy: > 99% average call rates and > 99.9% reproducibility
  • Simple Workflow: PCR- and ligation-free protocol
  • High-Throughput Format: Up to 12 samples can be interrogated in parallel
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The GoatSNP50 chip utilizes more than 50,000 SNP variants to provide uniform genomic coverage. The array was developed by the International Goat Genome Consortium who screened whole genome sequencing data in the following goat breeds: Alpine, Boer, Creole, Katjang, Saanen and Savanna. A total of 10 breeds were used to validate the 52k SNP content.
Brand Illumina
Species Goat