Affymetrix iStraw90K

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  • Diverse content: 95,062 SNPs and indels derived from octoploid and diploid cultivars, including:
    • 1,761 multi-allelic SNPs
    • 3,751 SNPs derived from diploid cultivars; the remaining markers are derived from octoploid cultivars
  • Multiple cultivars represented: SNP discovery was facilitated with a diverse worldwide breeding germplasm panel
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Axiom® Strawberry Genotyping Array (also called the International Strawberry 90K (IStraw90) Axiom® Array), was designed through Affymetrix® Expert Design Program in collaboration with the International RosBREED SNP consortium that spans multiple nations, states, and institutions dedicated to genetic improvement of rosaceous crops.

The array offers genome-wide coverage of polymorphic SNPs across the cultivated garden strawberry hybrid (Fragaria × ananassa).

Species Plant, Strawberry