Affymetrix Axiom Strawberry Genotyping Array

Item No.  658

  • Diverse content: 95,062 SNPs and indels derived from octoploid and diploid cultivars, including:
    • 1,761 multi-allelic SNPs
    • 3,751 SNPs derived from diploid cultivars; the remaining markers are derived from octoploid cultivars
  • Multiple cultivars represented: SNP discovery was facilitated with a diverse worldwide breeding germplasm panel
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Axiom Strawberry Genotyping Array was designed through the Affymetrix Expert Design Program in collaboration with the International RosBREED SNP consortium that spans multiple nations, states, and institutions dedicated to genetic improvement of rosaceous crops.* The array offers genome-wide coverage of polymorphic SNPs across the cultivated garden strawberry hybrid (Fragaria ananassa).
Brand Affymetrix Axiom
Species Plant, Strawberry