Bacterial Sequencing

Leverage the Latest DNA Technology for Your Success

The future of genomic innovation is here with bacterial sequencing technology. Equipped with the latest and most powerful technologies, we can supply the bacterial identification services you need to troubleshoot root causes and mitigate contamination issues effectively. From individual farms to global companies, our solutions and services can fit your needs and ensure you get the data you need.

We’re leveraging the next generation of sequencing technologies and our industry expertise to provide comprehensive services with an emphasis on quality and quick turnaround time. With faster and more accurate results, you can quickly locate and contain potential issues and mitigate your contamination risks. From E. Coli and Salmonella to complete microbiome analysis, go deeper into genomics and get the data you need with our industry-leading solutions.

NeoSeek™ Salmonella Serotyping

Get Salmonella serotype determination using DNA-specific test results in 72 hours with our services.

NeoSeek™ STEC Confirmation

Identify Shiga toxin-producing E. Coli, like O157, using DNA-specific test results in 24 hours with our services.

Microbiome Analysis

Our metagenomics services can help investigate root causes by understanding the bacterial microbiome in your process.