Animal Health

Expert Solutions for All Your Animal Healthcare Needs

Enhancing your animals’ well-being is always a top priority. We have comprehensive solutions to improve your animals’ health and ensure you have the supplies you need to care for them successfully. Whether you’re a livestock producer, veterinarian, or pet parent, we have effective solutions for your livestock, poultry, horses, and companion animals.

Our expertise offers you safe and effective products for animal health and optimal performance with antibiotics, vaccines, supplements, and more. Keep your animals healthy with our expert solutions partnering with owners and veterinarians from prevention to treatment. Our wide range of proven, quality products has earned the trust of animal caregivers worldwide.


We offer many antibiotics for improving animal health and treating a wide range of bacterial infections and health concerns.


We can help you identify pathogens, drug residues, and diseases like mastitis with our diagnostic test kits.


Our USDA-approved immunostimulants offer an extra boost for your animals’ immune systems for adjunctive treatment.


Our injectable therapeutics are the fastest way to administer treatment quickly and accurately, especially in emergency.

Oral Supplements

Our comprehensive oral supplements help improve your animals’ health including cattle, pigs, horses, dogs, and cats.


We offer the only USDA-approved vaccine for the prevention of equine botulism Type B due to Clostridium botulinum.

Vitamin & Minerals

We offer vitamin and mineral injectables including vitamin B, C and E and supplemental nutritional phosphorus and thiamine.

Udder Care

Our comprehensive udder care solutions include teat dip cups, udder creams and balm, and udder infusion.

Wound Care

We offer a full line of safe and effective veterinary wound care products for short and long-term care and treatment.