Confidently Test for Adulteration within Your Products

Our food and beverage adulteration testing solutions are easy-to-use and offer quantitative and qualitative results with high sensitivity, detecting even small amounts of an undeclared ingredient with precision. Whether for adulterated ingredients, meat speciation, or more, our tests and services help you label with confidence.

We're one of the market's few providers of a rapid test for methanol detection in spirits, wine, and beer. The Alert® for Methanol solution provides easy-to-interpret, quantitative results while delivering timely, dependable results within 10 minutes. Coupled with our Alert for Methanol solution, our LabLive services ensure product safety while providing feedback on testing procedures for everyone from homebrewers to professional distillers.

Our Reveal® for Speciation product line provides you with the rapid, qualitative detection of raw meat residues in a variety of products. The product line includes tests to detect pork, beef, horse, poultry, and sheep residues. The Reveal line smoothly fits within all food safety plans and provides a simple, rapid approach to testing your product for raw meat residues.

To support you and your testing procedure's proficiency, we offer various support options like LabLive, a 24/7 global support line, online procedure pages, and more. Please reach out to a Neogen representative for further details.


Detect adulteration in raw and processed beef, horse, pork, poultry, sheep, and small ruminants with qualitative results.