Neogen® Petrifilm® Plates

By Simplifying Testing, Modern Labs Can Focus on What Matters

Agar preparation is  labor-intensive and time consuming. It’s time to ditch the painful agar preparation stage. Petrifilm® Plates give you a wide choice of indicator organism testing plates that are ready to go, right out of the pack. They require less energy and water than traditional methods. And the flat, compact design uses less storage than bulky plates. Learn more from our Petrifilm product brochure.

Petrifilm Indicator Testing System

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Why Choose Petrifilm Plates

Streamline Your Testing

  • Designed to save you time, effort and space.
  • Broad portfolio of ready-to-use plates reduces preparation time.
  • Add the Petrifilm Plate Reader Advanced for accurate plate counts in just 6 seconds or less.

Consistent and Reliable

  • Easy to use.
  • Reduces variability shift to shift, plant to plant, technician to technician.
  • Accurate, repeatable results.

Evaluation of Aerobic Plate Count Media for Consistency Whitepaper

Testing You Can Trust

  • More than 35 years in the food industry.
  • Used in 60+ countries.
  • Internationally recognized with 105+ third-party validation and certifications.

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Maximize Sustainability

  • Help meet your sustainability goals.
  • Reduces water and energy usage.
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Flat, compact design reduces waste

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Discover the Petrifilm Rapid Plate Portfolio

Get results up to twice as fast as traditional methods. When you need accurate results as quickly as possible, choose Petrifilm Rapid Plates.

All the advantages of our standard Petrifilm Plates, with a faster time to result. So when the clock is ticking, you can make the call with confidence.

Discover the Petrifilm Standard Plate Portfolio

Our range of Petrifilm products is constantly under development to provide the plates you need for the testing your lab does every day.

See How Petrifilm Could Help Your Business

Reduced labor costs*

Increase technician efficiency by up to 80%*

Data in up to half the time*

Up to 85% less shelf space than agar

*Savings are compared to standard agar methods.

How to Use Petrifilm Plates

Accurate testing requires accurate sampling. Before starting the simple, three-step process, ensure your sample is ready for testing.

1. Inoculate

Eliminate media preparation — plates are ready to inoculate.

2. Incubate

A compact incubator is all you need.

3. Interpret

Indicator dyes facilitate colony counting. Use the Petrifilm Plate Reader Advanced to automate your counting process.

See the Process in Action

Watch the how-to video for Petrifilm Plates.

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Validations and Recognitions

You need testing you can trust. Petrifilm Plates are created and inspected by a team of scientists and engineers, and are validated by international organizations like AOAC International and AFNOR Certification:

  • AOAC® Official Methods of Analysis
  • AOAC® Performance Tested Methods
  • NF VALIDATION by AFNOR Certification
  • Numerous regional and local approvals

See full certifications for Petrifilm Plates

A More Sustainable Indicator Testing Solution

Are you still using agar dishes for microbial indicator testing? If so, you’re missing a big opportunity to not only boost your lab’s productivity, but also help meet your company’s sustainability goals.

Sustainability Brochure

Learn more about the reduction in Primary Energy Demand, Blue Water Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Petrifilm Plates Compared to Traditional Microbiological Analysis Methods.

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Sustainability Whitepaper

Dive into details and read our study on "Reduction in Primary Energy Demand, Blue Water Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Petrifilm Plates Compared to Traditional Microbiological Analysis Method".

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How much could you save?

Petrifilm Plates can reduce your environmental impact over using agar plates. Simply click the link below to see how much more eco-friendly you can be with Petrifilm Plates. You might be in for a big surprise!

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