Neogen® Petrifilm® Plate Reader Advanced

Fast Colony Counting

There's no slowing down with automated Petrifilm® Plate enumeration using the Petrifilm Plate Reader Advanced. It’s time to advance the efficiency of your lab by automating the imaging, interpretation and tracking of results. This system achieved up to 94% reduced time to enumerate Petrifilm Plates (observed on the Petrifilm Aerobic Count Plate with High Counts).

Petrifilm Indicator Testing System

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Why Choose Petrifilm Plate Reader Advanced

Increase the productivity of your lab with food testing hardware and software that utilises breakthrough technology to help streamline your operation.


  • Help improve laboratory efficiency and maintain accuracy in a space saving design
  • Plate enumeration in 6 seconds or less


  • Easy to use software
  • Fixed artificial intelligence to enable accurate colony counting


  • Software simplifies results storage and offers data analytics
  • Automated reports and data trending for actionable insights

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Improving Productivity for Every Food Safety Lab

See how food testing solutions from Neogen can help you automate and streamline your operation with features designed to help improve productivity.

  1. At-a-glance LED – At-a-glance LED status indicator light.

  2. Advanced counting algorithms – Advanced counting algorithms developed using fixed artificial intelligence.

  3. Advanced capabilities – Enables plate annotation, editing, and colony reclassification.

  4. Actionable Insights – Stores results and allows for result analysis by trending and reporting features.

  5. Automated enumeration – Automated enumeration for 11 Petrifilm Plates.

  6. Barcode reading – Reads 10 types of barcode symbologies.

Designed to Improve Lab Productivity

Read about how advanced technology can help your lab improve productivity and efficiency.

How to Use Petrifilm Plate Reader Advanced

See how easy it is to get your lab up and running using the Petrifilm Plate Reader Advanced.

How to create a worklist using the Petrifilm Plate Manager Software

Duration: 5:32 min

Meet the Inventors of the Petrifilm Plate Reader Advanced

Duration: 1:29 min

Meet the inventors of the Petrifilm Plate Reader Advanced

Duration: 3:45 min

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