Neogen® Petrifilm® Automated Feeder

The Colony Counter for the Modern Lab

The Petrifilm brand and products continue to redefine productivity for the modern lab. Ideal for operations that process more than 100,000 plates a year, the Petrifilm Automated Feeder automatically feeds and enumerates 300 Petrifilm Plates in 33 minutes, allowing you to meet more of your lab’s needs with less labor.

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Petrifilm Automated Feeder

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It Does the Counting, So You Can Do the Work That Counts.

Enumeration is a critical but time-consuming task. The Petrifilm Automated Feeder frees up your most valuable resource—your people. It increases reliability and traceability, giving you more time, and more peace of mind.

  1. Automatically feeds and enumerates up to 300 Petrifilm Plates in 33 minutes.
  2. Continuously pushes data into an Excel file for seamless LIMS integration, eliminating the need for data transcription.
  3. Separation station picks and separates plates to prevent errors.
  4. Dual bins allow enumerated Petrifilm Plates to be sorted.
  5. Compatible with Petrifilm Plate Reader Advanced and Petrifilm Plate Manager software.

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You Delegate. It Enumerates.

Your time is valuable. Why spend it counting colonies when the Petrifilm Automated Feeder does it so reliably and quickly?

Count on More Free Time

It can take a technician up to four hours of hands-on time to count 300 plates vs. one minute with the Petrifilm Automated Feeder. That means you get added capacity, and more time back in your day.

Increase Efficiency and Decrease Your Workload

Simply load the plates and the Petrifilm Automated Feeder takes it from there. You can configure how you want the plates sorted into the output bins and verify Petrifilm Plate colony counts with the thumbnail image review.

Goes with the (Work) Flow

The Petrifilm Automated Feeder is designed for seamless integration with existing lab workflows. No new software is needed, and the LIMS integration feature means no more transcription.

Increased Reliability. Decreased Variability.

The Petrfilm Automated Feeder gives consistent colony counting and reduces technician-to-technician variability. You also get automated imaging, interpretation, and tracking results for improved traceability.

Easy as 1-2-3

The beauty of the Petrifilm Automated Feeder is in its simplicity. Once the incubating is complete, the Petrifilm Plates are ready for counting.

1. Load the Bin.

You can load up to 300 Petrifilm Plates into the input bin in one minute.

2. Press Start.

Yes, it’s that simple. With one touch, the Petrifilm Automated Feeder starts automatically enumerating.

3. Review Results.

Technicians can quickly review results via the new thumbnail view and confirm colony counts.

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