Neogen® Petrifilm®

Science for the Modern Lab

Advance your lab with Neogen® Petrifilm® Plates and the Neogen Petrifilm Plate Reader Advanced. Save time without agar preparation. Get a wide range of indicator organism plates that are ready to go right out of the pack and require less energy and water than traditional methods.

Petrifilm Indicator Testing System

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Proven Testing Method for Consistent, Reliable Results

Petrifilm testing solutions provide an advanced approach for your indicator organism testing.

Streamline Your Testing

Petrifilm Plates are ready to use and require no prep. Compared to traditional agar methods, they may reduce labor costs by 45%; increase technician efficiency by 80%; use 85% less shelf space; and cut your time to results in half.

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Get Consistency and Accuracy

Standardize your testing with Petrifilm Plates. Ready-to-use and easy to inoculate can equal improved consistency versus agar prep.

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Achieve Sustainability Targets

Help your business meet sustainability targets with Petrifilm Plates. They can help you use 79% less water, 76% less energy, and lower your greenhouse gas emissions by 75% compared to agar methods.

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Indicator Organism Testing Solutions

Easier processes. Faster results. Space saving designs. Find testing methods that meet the needs of today's modern labs.

Get Results Fast

Petrifilm Plates are ready to use — no preparation required. Each slim pack offers consistent, uniform testing media. Just open it up and get right to work. Free up time and work more efficiently.

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Fast and Accurate Colony Counting

The Petrifilm Plate Reader Advanced accurately enumerates plates in 6 seconds or less.

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Use a System You Can Trust

Third-party validations confirm that our method has proven to be reliable and repeatable and performs equal to or better than the reference method to which it was compared.

  • AOAC International - Certified as AOAC® Performance Tested MethodSM and AOAC® Official Method of AnalysisSM
  • AFNOR - NF VALIDATION certificate granted by AFNOR Certification
  • View All Validations (PDF 268KB)

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An Essential Part of Your Environmental Monitoring Program

Environmental Monitoring Procedures

Petrifilm Plates are a convenient and reliable way to detect environmental microbial contamination. The construction of Petrifilm Plates allows them to be used for direct contact or swab contact monitoring procedures, as well as air sampling procedures.

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Enviromental Monitoring Handbook

Your comprehensive resource for environmental monitoring in the food and beverage industries. For expert advice on building and enhancing your environmental monitoring program, including a chapter about indicator testing, explore our free Environmental Monitoring Handbook.

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