One Broth One Plate Solutions

Alternative Culture Media Method for Pathogen Detection

Our innovative One Broth One Plate (OBOP) workflows, available for detecting Listeria and Salmonella, allow you to test for pathogens in food and environmental samples, using just one enrichment broth and one agar plate. With increased sensitivity versus the corresponding ISO methods, results can be recorded in as little as 48 hours for fast, accurate results. Increased sensitivity is achieved through each workflow’s proprietary enrichment step.

Why Choose OBOP?

Ideal for laboratories looking to reduce time to result while still maintaining classical microbiology, the OBOP workflows are a great alternative to traditional testing methods.

Validated Workflows

Test for Listeria species, Listeria monocytogenes, and Salmonella species with confidence. Our OBOP workflows have been independently validated and certified according to ISO 16140-2 as alternative testing methods to the ISO 11290-1 and ISO 6579 standards. The One Broth One Plate for Salmonella (OBOP-S) workflow also has AOAC RI PTM certification as an alternative method to the FDA BAM and USDA MLG reference methods. The Bruker MALDI-ToF has also been validated according to ISO 16140-6 as an alternative confirmation in all our OBOP workflows.

Flexibility & Convenience in Your Lab

With OBOP-S, both the ISO 16140-2 and AOAC certifications include a unique option of one hour’s flexibility before adding the supplement to your enrichment broth, meaning the sample can also be used to enumerate quality indicators.

Choice of Media Formats

Our One Broth One Plate Neogen® Culture Media products are available in a wide range of formats to ensure the OBOP workflows are suitable for a variety of laboratory settings. Both our LESS Plus and BPW HQ (ISO) enrichment broths are available as dehydrated culture media (DCM), 3 L ready-to-use (RTU) media bags, and 20 L ready-to-reconstitute bags. The CASE and LCA chromogenic agar plates are also available in DCM and RTU pre-poured media plate formats.

Our RTU media products require no further preparation, eliminating the need to weigh, autoclave, or cool media, to streamline your laboratory’s workflow and save vital time and cost in media preparation and quality control.*

*Due to the nature of the RTU products, shipping restrictions may apply. Please contact us for more information on regional product availability.

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