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As a food safety leader, you are responsible for protecting your brand’s quality standards and monitoring for any potential issues as you oversee food safety and quality processes throughout your company’s extended supply chain. Help build a strong food safety culture within your company with improved operational efficiency, corrective action performance, staff utilization, and regulatory compliance. Digitally automate safety and quality programs across all facilities, map the entire sampling lifecycle from scheduling to data analysis, and get an interactive bird’s eye view of each plant’s floor plan.

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FSQA - Food Safety and Quality Assurance Leadership

Food safety professionals are tasked with mission-critical work that impacts operational efficiency, cost controls, and ultimately the corporate brand. This includes the managing of a testing program that adheres to both internal conformance and external audit and regulatory compliance. Manual checklists and spreadsheets are no longer suitable for this level of complexity. Neogen Analytics automates testing programs and provides the insights and proactive visibility required to support modern FSQA teams today.

Production - Operational Leadership

The food manufacturing and processing industry operate within some of the thinnest margins across all sectors. This is why it is vital that disruptions and production delays are kept to an absolute minimum. Food safety issues pose a critical threat to operational efficiency and ultimately can disrupt the business’ bottom line. Neogen Analytics is the leading automation and analytics platform that operational leaders deploy to digitally transform their food safety testing programs.

Regulatory – Compliance and Conformance Leadership

The increased pace of customer audits has added significant complexity to the existing stresses of maintaining and exceeding regulatory compliance objectives. The information required by regulatory and compliance professionals exceeds what manual reports, CoA’s and spreadsheets can provide. Neogen Analytics provides a digitally transformed approach to collecting, organizing, analyzing, and reporting your food safety testing workflows, audit trail, and corrective action details.